Psycho Painting is the name of my latest research work. It is based on the idea of the “Neo-Portrait”, an innovative technique with which I intend to expose the as many facets that can be perceived of a person as possible.

In this study I explore representation as a creative tool. I want to capture my perceptual stimuli and the way I encode and store the character of a subject. The most important element of my work is its main character. I discover their hobbies, motivations, features and expressions. It’s a delicate and slow process, but very exciting. Using different techniques, materials and languages, I try to reflect in each fragment of the canvas a specific moment in time and space, with its own perspective, and to transmit the emotions experienced at that precise moment.

It’s a dynamic narration. It’s an eternal process because it would be impossible to completely represent a person in all his facets. The ultimate goal of my work is to reveal, at least partially, the identity of the portrayed person. I try to expand the vision we can have of an individual in an instant, extending that instant and recreating it in different dimensions. 

I understand each of my Neo-Portraits as a cosmology. That is to say, each fragment could function as a single composition, but then the work would have another meaning and, in my opinion, it would lose personality, since all the individual parts are subordinated to the total composition.