About me

Inés Rubio Roa

Inés Rubio Roa

I have always, since I started painting, and probably without end, tried to find my own style that reflects what I want to express. A dynamic and ever-changing style that incorporates my education, my projects, and my experiences. Is it important to have a common thread? I don’t know. I think I am searching for it. At least I try to give coherence and cohesion to my oeuvre. I am constantly introducing new styles, forms of expression, and techniques into it that represent me.

Thanks to my education in Fine Arts and Architecture, I understand the concepts behind artistic movements, which in turn provoke movement within me. By using and experimenting with different techniques and tools, the “leitmotiv” that I need and that will always accompany me begins to take shape.

My work has a high figurative and pictorial content. Not as a simple nostalgic return to the past, but as a representation tool to create something honest. I believe painting begins with a vague idea, without definition, without limitations; a faint vision of a concept that takes shape and form as I execute it. The execution process itself becomes a tool of creation. The purpose of my work is to explore physically and visually the insight that I want and need to show the viewer.

I want my artwork to become a medium for transmission. Whatever sensation it provokes, the work will have made sense, even if only for a moment. Pictorial art allows us to display its entire content in just an instant. The British painter David Hockney said that the purpose of art is to share, and that every artist should bring something to people, an experience, a thought. Every artwork leaves an impression on the observer; to renounce this would be like ending the illusion, like diminishing one’s means of self-expression. This influence on someone at some point is what I pursue.

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